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Love the fact the you truly get value for money.
Ps. Dont stop production I've finally found products that work for my hair, its responding so well.


I've tried so many hair products which always ended up damaging my hair but ever since I started using Ecoessentials products I can see a lot of change in my hair and the hair butter wolalaaaaa it's the best‍♀️

I love this product. My hair is softer and more manageable. I have been using other eco essential products for more than 3 months now and I am really happy with the results so far.

New healty hair goals

I just love my new hair remedy

Hairline Repair Serum

Detangling Hair Mist

Daily Repair, Nourish & Strengthen Set

Daily Repair, Nourish & Strengthen Set

Love the products ❤️


your products are excellent.

I am very impress

Thank you very much for your good service.

Daily repair,nourish and strengthen set

I am absolutely loving the products,there is less breakage on my hair, and the products are just bringing out my natural curls out. Thank you Eco essentials

Detangling hair mist

Love it!

Very efficient product

Although the delivery took longer than expected, i am loving the product very much, it was worth the wait

Growth Boosting & Damage Repair Collection

Daily Repair & Nourishing Hair Butter


I received my order on time and no hustle. I'm greatly satisfied with the service I got. I love the product

Daily Repair, Nourish & Strengthen Set


I love the smell of all the oils mixed together... my hair and scalp loves it im giving it 4 stars for now.. waiting on it to work its magic b back soon..

Complimentary Review

My order came way earlier than I had anticipated, and for that, I'm thankful for the great service.Oh, as for my hair... the product is doing the wonders for my hair

Wash Day Set

Daily Repair & Nourish

The hair mist and hair butter is great, my hair is definitely much softer and stays hydrated throughout the day. Will definitely be purchasing more.

Dry hair? What’s that?

I have two hair types and because of this I struggle finding products that work for my hair in terms of keeping it moisturized and soft. But that’s in the PAST now because the eco essentials detangling spray and butter keep my entire head moisturized and soft.

Ultimate Hair Growth Collection

Damage repair & Strengthening Set

What a lovely product, only used for 6days already and can see some difference that other products don't do. Will continue with this & benefit more with time.

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