Are you tired of tangled hair that is painful to comb and difficult to manage? Then is time to add the Eco Essentials Detangling Mist to your daily hair care routine. The Detangling Mist is a leave-in-conditioner and detangler specifically formulated for natural, coarse, kinky and curly hair. It removes knots and tangles, softens hair and makes hair super-easy to comb.

Detangling natural hair is crucial for hair growth, because it reduces excessive shedding and breakage during the combing process. The Detangling Mist will save you a lot of time by instantly detangling you’re your. In addition, it tames frizz, provides lasting moisture without surface build-up, strengthens hair, reduces excessive shedding and breakage. It is infused with fast absorbing macadamia oil and argan oil to promote scalp health and deliver balanced, nourishing hydration when hair needs it most. The Detangling Mist will leave hair super smooth, soft, shiny and tangle-free.

Key Ingredients in the Detangling Mist

Argan Oil - Helps to define curls, protects hair from sun damage, tames frizz, heals hair loss, adds moisture to hair, protects from heat damage and eliminates dandruff and dry scalp.

Macadamia Oil – Helps tame frizz, detangles hair, adds moisture, nourishes and strengthens while adding shine.

Geranium Oil – Helps prevent hair loss, heals scalp irritations and alleviates dandruff.

Grapefruit Oil – Its an excellent hair tonic which helps to tame frizz, treats dandruff an promotes healthy hair follicles. In addition, it is used to treat oily hair and promote shine.

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